Car Stereo Features

1. Bluetooth Capability

Bluetooth technology has become quite common and is used in many cars to connect devices wirelessly and exchange information over short distances. It can effectively replace the use of cables that are used for carrying data. Cars that offer Bluetooth capability are connected to Bluetooth-enabled cell phones that are within range. When a call is answered or dialed, the vehicle’s audio features pick up the voice signals and send them over a radio frequency to the cell phone that will then transmit the call. The convenient car audio feature can also automatically mute music when there is an incoming call.

While some in-dash units have a built-in voice recognition system that allows the user to dial by simply saying the name of the person they would like to call, others feature easy access buttons for ending and answering calls.

2. GPS Navigation

GPS or Global Positioning System is a navigational tool that is used to find out an object’s location and calculate directions to reach the desired destination. In-dash map 3D autoradio gps units are reliable, easy to use, and very accurate. These devices also contain audio features like text-to-speech guidance that allows drivers to find their destinations through voice cues. Other features include a digital keyboard, large touchscreen display, and 3D mapping to make sure it is convenient for the driver to have all the information while keeping their eyes on the road. GPS is very useful when you are traveling in an unfamiliar territory and need directions to airports, hotels, gas stations, restaurants and other important locations.

3. Digital and HD Radio

Digital and HD car radios are an upgraded version of the traditional radio. While a digital radio can be broadcast by satellite and earthbound radio stations, HD radio can be broadcast only by terrestrial digital means. The car radio allows for additional text data to be broadcast straight to the radio receiver within the channel, including local traffic and weather information as well as the artist name and title of the currently playing track. Both these radios offer listeners an excellent sound quality while delivering a clear signal that is free of static and other distortions. In addition to this, they can boost AM radio to FM quality and FM radio to CD quality sound.

4. DVD Players

In-dash DVD players are installed into a vehicle’s dashboard where its existing stereo system is located and then they are wired into the car’s audio and electrical system. These players usually come with built-in touchscreens, while some units have motorized screens so that the user can hide them when not using. They can be used to play audio CDs and will have connections for MP3 players and satellite radio tuners, which makes them versatile. Some users also connect an auxiliary audio cable from the device to the auxiliary port on the DVD player to control the volume and turn the sound up and down. See the sample here.