About Audioair

It just had to happen—millions, if not tens of millions of TV displays positioned in strategic locations worldwide.  Whether for entertainment purposes or to disseminate important news and information, all are broadcasting dazzling video but remain ghostly silent to avoid disrupting the environment.  Millions of televisions muted…  You can’t hear the audio.  What are they saying?  What was that game call? What did I just see?  We can’t hear them.  Enter audioair™ and hear what you’ve been missing.


Airborne Media Group, Inc. introduces an entirely new entertainment and information distribution experience to the world.  Take a muted television in an airport, hospital, sports bar, stadium, health club—anywhere an unmuted television would add to the din of noise pollution.  Download the Audioair free application on your mobile device, and use at any of our Audioair subscriber locations nationwide featuring our proprietary cutting edge technology. Connect via WiFi and your Smartphone and—voila! You can listen in to the local TV audio and more…


We have created a powerful, personal listening device.  And we have created what we believe will become one of the most exciting components to the mobile commerce revolution yet devised.  Welcome to the world of Audioair!